Life as a roadhouse pub, chef/barmaid in the Australian outback

I have just left my job as a chef and barmaid in a tiny town in NSW called Hermidale. It has a population of only 25 but is a place where miners and drillers who work nearby come to eat all their  meals and have a relaxing drink at night.


The meals were huge and always based around meat. Lots of meat.


This is a photo of the steak cooking as u can see compared to the size of a hand just how huge they are.


All steak sandwiches and burgers come with lettuce, tomato, beetroot and onion. Many would come in and ask for a burger with the lot. These came with lettuce, tomato, beetroot, onion, pineapple, bacon, egg and cheese. They towered high but seemed to be very well enjoyed.


Making some rissoles. These are a type of meatball. They contain beef, carrot, onion, cheese, tomato sauce, bbq sauce, hot sauce, dried parsley and egg.

We took took turns at working the breakfast shift. This was from 3.50am till 10.30 am. You would do this alone preparing the breakfast for the miners and any truckers who might come by. This would always be snags (sausages), bacon and egg. You could play around slightly with the type off egg and occasionally do the snags in a tomato and onion sauce. We also served it with either spaghetti hoops or baked beans.


The regular day shift was from 10.30 am till approx midnight (with only a 1.5 hour break) when the pub closed at which point you still had to hoover and clean up. We worked 7 days a week everyday straight. After 2 months I was pretty tired. But it was a great experience and something different I can say I will probably never do again. I also got to work with the other backpackers who are brilliant hard working women and I would consider friends for life.

There was nothing else around. The nearest town was a 25 minute drive away. Here’s the view from the pub.





So this is it. My life for the last two months. I hope you enjoy.

Peace and loaf

The Bread Has Baked……….

Well what can I say….. Firstly sorry for neglecting my blog in the last few month. So much has happened.

I have now Graduated from my degree in Baking Technology Management BSc with First Class Honours.



The torte I designed and created for my final piece


Strawberry bavois


Lemon curd cheesecake gateaux


Dobos caramel torte


The raspberry coliseum cake


The second lot of news it, I’ve decided to go travelling for a year. I am aiming to post a least once a month with an update of the country I am in and the local delicacies I have managed to find.
I cant wait for my trip and am eagerly awaiting the baked goods I will explore from different countries of the world.

Enjoy and stay posted for the adventures to come! :)
Peace and loaf


Bakeries In Hot Countries

Every country I visit I like to go to a local bakery and see what types of products they have. The abundance of different and delicious sweet and savoury products always amazes and intrigues me. I have found that generally in hot countries they have mainly pastry products, such as, puff, filo, shortcrust, fried batter and yeast cakes with syrup. This of course makes sense as butter-creams and frostings wouldn’t stand the heat. Here are some of the delectable products I found in a bakery in Eilat, south Israel.

Fried batter syrup sweets

Yeast cake with syrup glaze

Peace and loaf

Going To The Market

I love markets. There’s something special about them, particularly in hot countries. The fruit and vegetables are always seasonal and thus the more appealing. I am currently holidaying in Israel and yesterday went to an everyday market in a southern city called Beer Sheva.

The colours are amazing and very appetising! :)

These are fresh almonds, I had never seen them before.

Peace and loaf :)

A packet of beans that will make you roar with laughter!

Firstly, thank you to everyone who filled in my survey, it is now closed.

So I was making a Minestrone soup the other day, and decided to use dried beans instead of from a can.  I had never done this before so checked on the packet if they needed soaking.
Did you spot it??

Funniest packaging I have ever encountered! They must have found a recipe on-line or something, not even checked it and printed it on the side of their packet of DRIED BEANS!

Well I didn’t have time to soak them so I boiled them for an hour and added them to my soup. They were perfect. Which also proves that unlike chick peas they didn’t actually need over-night soaking.

Hopefully this will make you smile and laugh like it did for me!


Peace and loaf

St. Patrick’s Day and Mother’s Day Cupcakes

St. Patrick’s Day is on Saturday, 17 March 2012.

Mother’s Day is on Sunday, 18 March 2012

I had planned to make some Mother’s day cupcakes today in a pink and blue colour scheme. I sat with some chilled music on, rolling out some little roses. Then I realised it was St Patrick’s day this weekend too. I thought, oh cool I’ll do a few green cupcakes. Usually they will have a four-leaf clover or a classic green top-hat on them. I thought why not combine it with Mother’s day and make them with pretty green flowers.

For orders email me :

Enjoy your weekend
Peace and loaf

Food Fashion – Edible Clothes Anyone?

One of the Facebook groups I’m a member of is UK students and trainee bakers (ABST). People often post information about competitions, job opportunities or programs related to our industry. This week someone posted a photo of a model wearing an outfit entirely made of bread. I thought it was pretty awesome and took to Google to look up more items of edible clothing and these are the best of what I’ve found:

Photographer Ted Sabarese with designer Ami Goodheart of SOTU Productions

I love it. Being made of bread I took an instant liking to it. I don’t know that I could pull it off but the model wears it well.

Ukrainian pastry chef Valentyn Shtefano

This was made by the Ukrainian pastry chef Valentyn Shtefano for his bride’s wedding dress. This is taking the croquembouche to the next level!

Made by the German bakery group Lambertz

Well I think it looks really good, however the second it got warm, your outfit would start to melt on you, not a good look.

Photographer Ted Sabarese with designers Daniel Feld and Wesley Nault

I think this dress is beautiful and could be recreated and sold as a dress made of – dare I say it, a material such as silk.

South Korean artist Sung Yeonju

This beautiful dress created by the artist Sung Yeonju is made of egg-plant (aubergine) as part of her “wearable food” collection.

South Korean artist Sung Yeonju

Another stunning dress by Sung Yeonju made of chives.

Enjoy :)
Peace and loaf

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Cupcake Decorations

 This is a photo post showing a small selection of cupcake decorations available to order. All decorations and styles can be changed to meet your needs upon request. 

Perfect for a loved one, valentines day or someone who likes hearts

Confetti cupcake - any occasion

Different cupcake decorations

Football cupcake, great for birthdays, parties or match day

Great for special occasions

Butterflies, hearts, lips, flowers, stars and many more decorations available

Any occasion

I hope you enjoyed that :)
If you would like to make an order send me an email detailing what you would like:

Peace and loaf