Humming Bird Caribbean Restaurant

My sister moved to Finsbury Park, N4 this year and has introduced me to many restaurants in the area. (View her blog, EatNowTalkLater). The area is surrounded by an eclectic mix of foodie delights from restaurants to small grocery stores which I have been eating my way through!I had decided to catch up with a friend over dinner and we chose theHumming Bird restaurant, which serves Caribbean cuisine. We arrived at 8 on a Saturday night with no reservation – no problem as there were only a few couples inside. We were seated immediately and chose some funky cocktails to start; they do both virgin and alcoholic. We obviously both chose the latter! I had a mango daiquiri that came with real pureed mango. It was a tad thick, but delicious all the same.
It was difficult to choose our dishes for the night as everything on the menu sounded good, ranging from lots of shellfish dishes to curried goat and jerk char-grills. We chose to share starters ofpeppers prawns and salt fish fritters. While we sat back drinking our cocktails more people arrived and the atmosphere in the restaurant really started to buzz, but we could still talk to each other and have a laugh. Then our mouth-watering starters arrived. The plate of prawns was massive, tasted fresh and was covered in an amazing spicy garlic sauce. And all for under £4. We were very happy!





The starters had really whet our appetite and left us utterly excited for our mains. I had ordered half char grilled jerk lobsterwhich comes with rice and peas, fried plantain and home made coleslaw all for a whopping great value of £11! Almost all the main meals had the same accompaniments and some also included corn on a cob. The smells of chilli, garlic, spices and coconut coming from the kitchen literally filled up the room and were seriously good. When the mains arrived we were….. too happy for words. They looked and smelled incredible!


The bowl of rice and peas was huge, and better then I’d ever tasted. It had subtle hits of coconut and cumin and was truly scrumptious. (That coming from a non rice-lover!) The plantain was sticky and golden on the outside and soft and creamy on the inside. And the l,obster! Oh my, was it fantastic! The meat was juicy and creamy in texture, spot on and covered in the amazing jerk seasoning and topped with perfectly soft and golden onion and peppers. They even added a char-grilled tiger prawn! The coleslaw was good too! Really fresh and not just covered in mayonnaise. Every part of this plate complemented the others beautifully. It was not too spicy but had such a great kick. It was exquisite.




All in all it was thoroughly enjoyable!  The food was great, as was the atmosphere. The service was okay but as there was only one waitress she was a little rushed off her feet. Other than that I highly recommend this restaurant if you want to go out and have great food that is very reasonably priced! All things considered, I would mark them, 8 1/2 out of 10! And I would go back. 🙂


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