Sour Dough Product Development

For my advanced bread exam yesterday I had to create and develop a sour dough product. Here’s the artisan bread I came up with:

Sour dough bakery pizza I topped my sour dough pizza with: passata,  onion, courgette, olives, mozzarella and finished with fresh basil.

Sweet potato, pumpkin seed and rosemary sour dough

The flavour, texture and crumb structure are divine

I couldn’t have been happier with both the way my exam went and the products that I created. It was a great baking success and these breads will certainly be going on the menu when I open my bakery 🙂


53 thoughts on “Sour Dough Product Development

  1. Your sourdough looks absolutely beautiful! I’m in the middle of what I’m calling “The Pumpernickel Project”- attempting authentic sourdough pumpernickel, which is taking about 4 days. I’ll have a post on that, soon! Keep up the fabulous work!

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