The Season of Baking

It seems everyone’s in the baking spirit and its great to see so many bloggers posting about baking! Keep it up guys 🙂

Food club this week was suitably Christmukka theme. We had a great night which included: mulled cider, purple brussel sprouts, potato latkas, artichoke dip and more!
As part of my contribution I wanted to make something ‘everyday’ in a holiday theme. Here’s what I made:

Triple chocolate chunk cookies
These are chocolate cookies with milk and white chocolate chunks. The holiday is all about colours, so by adding in some pink hearts and a few sprinkles a chocolate cookie is transformed into a seasonal item.

In my opinion the chewier the better!

I made my gooey chocolate brownies and decorated them to look like a Christmas tree. Glitter is always a great decoration 🙂
So there you have it. Think of simple ways to jazz up your tried and tested recipes!
Happy Baking 🙂


37 thoughts on “The Season of Baking

  1. Thank you for the like on my blog post. Just had a look through your posts and everything looks delicious! Might be making my friends some triple choc Christmas trees for prezzies….!

  2. I’ve got a great recipe I use to make Oreo brownies, but those look DELICIOUS. Any secret hints for how to make wonderful gooey brownies that still come out of the pan in one piece?

    • hmm I think a general rule is to cook them for around 5 minutes less then the recipe says. Also when you line your tray, use more parchment then you need so it hangs over the side. then you can easily pick it up out of the tin and onto a board and cut it. Hope that helps.

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  4. Hi there, thanks for popping over to my blog. Now I’m coming for a snoop at yours! My husband probably should have been a pastry chef. He started his training but now he works a much more mundane ‘family friendly’ job. At least his skills get used keeping our children baking. I love the look of the Christmas Tree brownies. We might just have to copy that. Keep ’em coming…

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