End of Exam’s Baking Day – Freedom Baking

To celebrate the end of exams I invited a friend from my course, Kim, over for a relaxed day of freedom baking.
We had to think up what to make using the ingredients I had at home, (including the herbs and vegetables growing in the garden) so we decided on sour-dough pizza and courgette loaf. I had heard of courgette loaf and really wanted to try it.

After letting the sour-dough bulk ferment we pinned out the dough and topped with passata and garlic to prove

The Baked pizza.

The pizzas were topped with: onion, mushrooms, courgette (zucchini), swiss chard from the garden, olives and finished with rocket (also from the garden).
I usually go for thin and crispy pizzas, but the addition of sour-dough created such a light aerated fluffy pizza base that I actually really enjoyed it. It didn’t have that heavy, doughy characteristic usual to a thick base pizza.

You may be thinking that my photos are not of my usual standard and yes, you are right. Apologies, it was all so exciting and delicious I was far too busy eating to get my good camera out and used only the camera on my phone…… I know, I know.

The aerated sour-dough base

He he he, I couldn't help myself

The courgette loaf was beautifully risen and topped with a lemon glaze

I had found a recipe online, but it called for 2 cups of sugar which I felt was too much, so only added 1 1/2 and we added lemon extract. Then we decided to top it with a lemon glaze. Our baking instincts were spot on and the lemon just brought the whole loaf together. It was unbelievably moist, light and fluffy and full of flavour. I am so blown away with this courgette loaf I think it will become a favourite bake of mine.
 This morning I got out my camera to take some good shots of the remains of the courgette loaf. 

The lovely soft and moist structure with the speckle of courgette

All in all it was a delicious day!
Peace and loaf 🙂


45 thoughts on “End of Exam’s Baking Day – Freedom Baking

  1. Wow – it really does look so delicious! Did you have a recipe for the pizza base or did you make it up? I’d love to try both of these, for my Year of Bread project 😀

  2. I’m so glad you posted this, I have been making pizzas out the whazoo lately and I have been wanting to do a sourdough one, will you post the sourdough recipe 🙂 PLEASEEEE 😉

  3. Peace and loaf indeed! It all looks so good and I was excited to see your courgette loaf recipe. I have made something similar before but found it a little dull…I think the addition of the lemon juice will really lift the flavour and I´m lookg forward to trying it. Congratulations on getting to the end of the exams 🙂

  4. Baking is totally the best way to celebrate the end of exams! all the food looks super yummy. I’ve never tried courgette cake, but you’ve inspired me to give it a try!!! I looooove lemon icing though. Be on the lookout for a gluten free version soon 🙂

  5. Nice looking pizza dough… Never tried a sourdough pizza before! And I have never heard of a courgette loaf either! I think I’d be a bit nervous to try it out, it seems so unusual to me! Although I guess carrot cake would seem like an unusual concept too for people who have never heard of it… Hmm maybe I should be brave!

  6. That pizza looks so good. We need to try doing more with homemade pizza. We’ve dabbled, but your pizza is inspiring. Plus, your zucchini bread looks really good, too. I need to try growing those this summer just so I can make zucchini bread 😉

  7. The pizza really looks great. I can see why you wouldn’t want to slow down and worry about taking pictures! Yum!

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