Going To The Market

I love markets. There’s something special about them, particularly in hot countries. The fruit and vegetables are always seasonal and thus the more appealing. I am currently holidaying in Israel and yesterday went to an everyday market in a southern city called Beer Sheva.

The colours are amazing and very appetising! πŸ™‚

These are fresh almonds, I had never seen them before.

Peace and loaf πŸ™‚

18 thoughts on “Going To The Market

  1. Thanks to your pic of the almonds I now know what falls off our tree in great abundance. I had always wondered!

  2. I have just returned from Turkey and its the same there. Once you have eaten the fruit and veg there you will not be happy eating the same in Europe i.e the UK

  3. I agree with everyone, I too did not know what almonds look like. Great shots, makes me want to go on vacation just to visit the food markets.

  4. Oh! Are those my favourite white peaches i see in your photos? You are soooo lucky to eat them now when they are at their best! This is the best time for all the soft fruit. So jealous!

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