Bakeries In Hot Countries

Every country I visit I like to go to a local bakery and see what types of products they have. The abundance of different and delicious sweet and savoury products always amazes and intrigues me. I have found that generally in hot countries they have mainly pastry products, such as, puff, filo, shortcrust, fried batter and yeast cakes with syrup. This of course makes sense as butter-creams and frostings wouldn’t stand the heat. Here are some of the delectable products I found in a bakery in Eilat, south Israel.

Fried batter syrup sweets

Yeast cake with syrup glaze

Peace and loaf

21 thoughts on “Bakeries In Hot Countries

  1. Oh my gosh! Looks soooo delicious! I don’t know how anyone could work there, well, without eating it all!

  2. wow, absolute eyeball candy!! Being pretty well travelled in Europe but nowhere beyond I’ve only recently made the discovery of just how varied bakery goods can be – my newest local bakery is Asian and the stuff in there is incredible! Love your photos, really mouthwatering haha and those baklava look immense, hope you ate some!

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