Life as a roadhouse pub, chef/barmaid in the Australian outback

I have just left my job as a chef and barmaid in a tiny town in NSW called Hermidale. It has a population of only 25 but is a place where miners and drillers who work nearby come to eat all their  meals and have a relaxing drink at night.


The meals were huge and always based around meat. Lots of meat.


This is a photo of the steak cooking as u can see compared to the size of a hand just how huge they are.


All steak sandwiches and burgers come with lettuce, tomato, beetroot and onion. Many would come in and ask for a burger with the lot. These came with lettuce, tomato, beetroot, onion, pineapple, bacon, egg and cheese. They towered high but seemed to be very well enjoyed.


Making some rissoles. These are a type of meatball. They contain beef, carrot, onion, cheese, tomato sauce, bbq sauce, hot sauce, dried parsley and egg.

We took took turns at working the breakfast shift. This was from 3.50am till 10.30 am. You would do this alone preparing the breakfast for the miners and any truckers who might come by. This would always be snags (sausages), bacon and egg. You could play around slightly with the type off egg and occasionally do the snags in a tomato and onion sauce. We also served it with either spaghetti hoops or baked beans.


The regular day shift was from 10.30 am till approx midnight (with only a 1.5 hour break) when the pub closed at which point you still had to hoover and clean up. We worked 7 days a week everyday straight. After 2 months I was pretty tired. But it was a great experience and something different I can say I will probably never do again. I also got to work with the other backpackers who are brilliant hard working women and I would consider friends for life.

There was nothing else around. The nearest town was a 25 minute drive away. Here’s the view from the pub.





So this is it. My life for the last two months. I hope you enjoy.

Peace and loaf

13 thoughts on “Life as a roadhouse pub, chef/barmaid in the Australian outback

  1. Why is there so much meat?!?!? Geez Louise! I’m sure it’s delicious. I’d like to try the rissole…just in a smaller portion 🙂

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  2. Whoa, you would have to enjoy your job to do those hours in that environment! I can imagine you’d make good close friends though, and it will be a great time to look back on. Those steaks are humongous!

  3. What an amazing experience – if you cook it, they will come! Thank you for sharing your adventure. I love the toppings for the burgers and your photos are terrific.

  4. That sounds like a fascinating and fantastic experience! You must have met some amazing people and heard amazing stories. I cannot get over the landscape; what a beautiful middle of nowhere 🙂

  5. Holy crap! You were really in the middle of nowhere! And what work schedules…wow. I hope you’re off for some R&R. But thanks for the insight–I can honestly say I doubt I’ll ever have that experience! Go have fun on a beach! 🙂

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