Sugar cane in Fiji

One of the main exports in Fiji is sugar cane. You see the crops growing as you drive around the mainland and trucks packed full of it along the roads.


If you see a truck behind you, get out the way, they are oversize and you,re likely to get scratched.


Sugar cane train. The only train throughout Fiji. Locals use busses to get around.


The sugar cane crop ready for harvesting.


A goat standing ontop of the truck the entire journey. Too funny to miss.

Hope you enjoy. Peace and loaf  from the pacific. BULA!

3 thoughts on “Sugar cane in Fiji

  1. Thanks for the taste of Fiji 🙂 Love seeing it that way–good reminder that sugar isn’t born in white bags on grocery store shelves.

  2. What an interesting experience! That’s so cool to see how sugar cane grows and how it is transported. Thanks for sharing, love the goat 🙂

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