Edible Gifts – The Best Kind

I am back! Exams are finally over and I can get back to blogging 🙂

I love the kind of presents which you can eat. They are home-made with love and care. Also sometimes you might not have the money to buy lots of presents. So, this year I decided to make everybody in my family dark chocolate dipped ginger. So delicious and warming, they can be given as gifts for Christmas, new year, new home or any family and friend event.

What you’ll need:

  • Dark chocolate
  • Crystallised ginger
  • Dipping forks
  • Thermometer
  • Tray lined with silicone paper

First you need to temper the chocolate. To do this melt 3/4 of the chocolate over a pan of simmering water making sure the water is not touching the bowl and heat to 45’c. Then remove from the heat and lower the temperature by adding the remaining chocolate which has been chopped up, for dark chocolate lower to 32’c, if using milk and white chocolate lower to 30’c. Continue stirring until all chocolate has melted and the desired temperature is achieved.

Set up your equipment in a line so you can work methodically and in the correct order. Ginger on the left, chocolate in the middle and tray on the right (if you’re left-handed you may find it easier the other way round), this will stop chocolate trails going everywhere. Okay, we are now ready to dip! Drop a piece of ginger in the chocolate, turn it over using the forks so it’s completely covered, and then tap off the excess using the forks and tip onto the silicone paper. Simple, right?

I added gold glitter to finish but you could leave them plain or decorate in any way you fancy really.

Once they have set, package them however you like, you could use gift boxes or clear bags with ribbon. I printed of little labels and tied them around my gift bags.

They taste and look great, and you put your thought and love into making them. They should be greatly appreciated!

Enjoy 🙂